• bhumikabhatia 8w

    Bad times

    On some days it looks like world is against you,
    You quietly just sit and wait for this hard time to brew..
    You feel helpless and shattered,
    As if everything is scattered..
    All the doors seems to close,
    But all that has happened because of ur deed, which had pros and cons..⭐
    Let's have a new start,
    This time with your people in your cart..‍‍‍
    It's ok to feel low sometime,
    But lets find a new ladder to climb..
    All your hardwork has to pay off,
    Until then don't stop..
    Days are bad but find lessons in them,
    God is indicating u to hold ur stem..
    This thunder shall pass soon,
    God is testing you and that is your opportune..
    Remember the people standing with u in hard times..
    Those are the people u have to bring back those chimes..
    You were too good for this world,
    That's why your eyes were blurred..
    Just like good days these bad days will also end,
    You will have happiness and peace..a perfect blend.
    This is just a bad day,
    But soon u will knock on the doors where you will slay..❤