• abinaya14 9w

    If moon was a lamp,
    I would hug it close and seek its comfort.
    It gives me warmth from far away,
    Just imagine if it sits as a lamp in my desk.

    If moon was a lamp,
    I would carry it with care and shower it with love.
    Repaying for all the lonely nights,
    It kept me company and make me feel loved.

    But, if moon was a lamp,
    Would it miss the company of sun,
    Whom she has dearly grown to love,
    Who's light she emitted as her own,
    Who's presence she longed for and at days
    Stayed few extra minutes to sight upon her love.

    Would she be happy to be able to feel the sun's warmth,
    But never getting the warmth of staying a few minutes extra to get a glimpse of her sun.
    @kp_singh I got the idea from your writing! Hope you don't mind me using the first line ��

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    If moon was a lamp...