• shafiya_kul 9w

    Letter ...from you

    As i took that sheet of paper i see some words before i study
    I imagine the pain that you have faced
    And at some level i see your darkness
    Of all those years, yet i don't know who are you, what did you make your self while writing this words putting your ink
    I know you use some words which are jumping and happy for me i see
    While writing about me your ink is dancing i see your words are laughing
    And i am smiling now i took my mind to flash back
    I imagine a pain that you have faced
    Now i imagine your darkness of all those years
    Yet i don't know who you are and what you were but i know one thing we did gave a second chance to our lives
    Ha... I am dumb
    Now i imagine and when i imagine i write some thing for you

    Now i read your words
    All i felt was not words or vocabulary
    But some smell
    I feel many colours some of your words make me laugh
    You are so creative and at same level interesting
    I read one more and one more line
    As i am looking at mirror again
    In your words i see shade of my emotions and then i have many imagines of my past or our past
    I feel those tears
    Darkness i feel that Loneliness
    I feel that untold story
    Hiding behind those words
    Now i see some reflection of your eyes, your pen, your close attractive way of pulling words
    You hesitate to put your problems in your ink i feel something dark
    I know what type of person you are
    You smile - in front of my eyes
    You make your ink dance
    You have many faces my friend
    So show me your real self
    It's fine to feel that rain coming from your eyes
    It's ok to be chaotic
    Let's fall Lightly dozed .... It's peaceful
    With you ..