• _ashna_ 33w


    The walls are
    painted with
    innocence and
    adorned with
    mosses and
    snails etched
    like memories
    of forgotten

    The couch
    stands in the
    lounge, brown
    as the rusted
    that half hangs
    from the soaked
    ceiling of tears.

    The orchids
    bloom betwixt
    the wrinkles
    fetching life
    to dead souls
    of graffiti
    covered walls.

    The sky from
    the shattered
    reminds me of
    a depressed
    soul drenched
    in hues of black
    filled with
    voids sobbing
    for help.

    The crickets
    chirped and the
    Wolf howled
    to welcome
    the old souls
    that left
    open wounds
    in a place
    of abandoned lies.

    ~A part of me is forgotten somewhere.