• arkknight73 40w

    What if I said " am nothing !"
    I take the form of being negative.
    So I allow you to believe it. That small start of creating a lie ..or just the action of belief.
    That is a world chain reaction. Thats how we crush souls and minds. I need to help.
    So now i say am not negative ..and I tell you I want you to know I love.
    I want you know I care.
    I want you to see I believe in power of the words you write.
    That what we leave in our moment here is got big meaning.
    That what you say will cause a chain reaction.
    That its not me but he who moves this chain reaction.
    Its the next writing of love and carrying on this peaceful practice.
    I believe its in us to write change.
    I believe its you .
    I say this cause we all have pain.
    I say this cause we all need .
    So today I need you to write.
    Write how we need each other.
    Just remember words that love ..love on the minds you touch.
    I won't ever stop.
    I believe.