• spicywords 166w


    I thought school is meant to teach you.
    How to discover yourself.
    But the pressure of getting good grades kills even faster than aids.
    The uniqueness of oneself is left aside just to satisfy the school whereas leaving your own satisfaction.
    We all wanna have A's like the card of ace, B's like the group of bees,C's for less people see, .Then when we have E's then you blame yourself that I couldn't do the exam with ease.
    The institution never care about your uniqueness, capability ,talent and gift. All they want is the grade irregardless if it was acquired through aid. Then after graduation, they all think abstract and empty. They never discovered what they are capable of, skills and how promising it is to the society right now. The working principle of a snake is different from the lizard even though there are both reptiles.
    Lets all learn to know the magic behind us. All you need is a spark, before you know the mechanism is formed.

    From spicywords