• grimsoul 192w

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    Its for u Louna....

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    Beloved's Birthday

    I sat down to write a poem,
    About a person who meant
    the world to me.
    Whose beauty exceeded
    the weight of all infinity.
    But the unique quality of her gift
    was that it was more than bone-deep
    It surged through her veins
    And presented itself
    in her every breath
    It was kindness.
    It was compassion.
    But most of all,
    It was selflessness.
    So as I thought of all these wonders
    I realized that my page was blank
    Funny how that was the best,
    And the only way to express my love.
    For it was boundless
    Like the horizon.
    For it was deep
    Like the ocean.
    But most of all
    It was forever
    Like infinity.
    And though I may not express
    my presence. It is always there,
    And my existence will continue
    to hope that every experience
    you encounter
    from this birthday to the last.
    Comes together to create a life,
    that may be the most beautiful
    thing to have ever existed.
    But then I stop myself.
    For I remember; that to me
    the most beautiful thing to ever exist
    Is you.