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    First my sincere apologies for taking so much time on my side for posting this series.I can assure that it won't take any long for the next posts.Keep Reading and share your love.Now enjoy this post.
    This moment is precious in every boy's life.{I've never see a girl to propose}.When people gets completely driven by hormones,they act just crazy.A similar thing happened in the class with staffs,70 students and it was not an organized one too.Subash was completely mad on her.But what about Varsha? What about the other students? What will she do after such a calamity?.Let's dig deeper into their love when Varsha narrates her story hereafter.������

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    Hers Him 4

    Subash was all set.He was very confident,to speak to her.His friends were all motivating him,which he tackled with a faint smile.She was too baffled to see a 6"boy standing before him,looking down to the ground and she guessed something.Subash Lifted his eye high enough to meet hers.It was penetrating her soul deeper which she could hardly bare.She suddenly looked far away.This was when his mouth uttered those words,"Varsha I Love you".It all happened in a jiffy where Varsha stood awestruck.She was totally numb before the whole class.Now She has to react either way to make that embarrassing moment cool.What she did made everyone's eyes to pop out.Even Subash didn't expect that it will go in that way..TBC....