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    Happy Pride Month! ��‍��

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    "T H E Y"

    The bells never judge,
    Whether pink, blue or both,
    Neither the hands that pray,
    Some unheard voices for years.
    The one who speaks,
    Difference over gender
    Or no gender at all,
    Or the dual feelings?
    They seem different, so different,
    For some reasons unknown,
    Isn't breathing enough in their case?

    Definition of claps and blessings,
    Varies from people to people,
    Some claps seem happy, proud.
    And some are the sign of disgust, shame.
    Some hands are from heart. Pure.
    While some 'beg' for money. Greed.
    "They" survive everyday,
    Of these frivolous talks,
    That hits their respect,
    More than the mere heart.

    Oh- such a hot topic this is!
    On having male organs
    And some desires unique,
    Of flaunting saree,
    With a sleek bun and red lips.
    Yes, they are special,
    For this society of ours,
    Who say "special shame" to them.
    And the irony is, these days,
    There's an ugly hegemony of double standards
    over some beautiful double genders.