• poukii 35w

    Higher self: You will, Don't force yourself, to do things
    if you really don't want to, just because
    people of your age are doing it.
    Me. : Yes, that's my biggest fear, I swing
    constantly,from 'all or nothing',in each and
    every thing I do. Not able to work in fixed
    pace. Feel too frustrated, overwhelmed.
    That's why, I am not able to find out the
    way to reach you. I fear, I will die without
    finding out you,my higher self.
    Higher self: ohh!! I am sorry to hear that,but I am sure
    you will. You have more strength,than you
    actually think. Accept the way you are,
    don't try to change that you don't have any
    control over. Forgive yourself. You know,
    what I feel from your way of talking,
    you are highly intelligent than others
    around you, they are not able to think the
    way you think, that's why you don't have
    Me : Seriously??!! Thank you, but yes,it is
    very difficult, because whenever I try to
    forgive myself, ' what will people think?,
    will I be gaslighted again?', keeps on
    spiralling within me, I feel too small and
    invalidated. (4)