• loverenay 42w

    Dear Lord,

    I wrote this very special prayer for you.
    When I feel weak and sadness intrudes.
    When I can't summon the strength for what is to come
    or I feel like falling to my knees and coming undone.
    When I saw only one set of footprints in the sand,
    I know you carried me, because I wasn't able to stand.
    Sometimes it feels like this life can be
    too much to bear.
    Many of my loved ones are suffering,
    so this is my prayer...
    Please heal those I love
    who are sick, fighting illness.
    Remove all anxieties they face alone,
    at night, in the stillness.
    When the end is near and there truly is no more hope,
    please give us the strength to let go, and help us cope.


    ©loverenay - 4/1/2021