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    What you do not
    realize, what escapes
    The breadth of your
    thoughts, is that I
    need to leave you
    unfinished, incomplete.

    A stray word lost in
    an alleyway at 11 p.m
    waits to be put into
    a sentence, to become
    the last piece of
    a sonnet, but I am
    not the poet to
    fulfil that dream.

    A few pieces of fruit
    and a bottle of wine
    waits for the last
    touches of paint
    on the canvas so
    that strangers from
    a different continent
    might talk about its beauty.

    I need to leave
    you incomplete
    because I am
    afraid of the
    emptiness that lies
    beyond, because you
    give me a purpose
    and I am terrified that
    I won't do you justice.

    - Avitaj

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    What you do not realize