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    The moon is just like us,
    very human, very moody.
    Some days radiating with joy,
    on others losing itself in darkness.

    Then rising again
    by losing all curves,
    perhaps by crash dieting,
    again regaining them
    'coz it's not healthy to be so thin.

    That sharp crescent
    is a fresh sharp youngster,
    and that orange hued one
    could be a weary traveller.

    Just as our moods affect
    those who love us,
    the moon and its tantrums
    keep the ocean, earth and
    Raatrani await for it to
    cool down and envelope them
    with its silvery embrace.

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    image courtesy: Google
    Raatrani: Night blooming Jasmine

    I love Mondays and blue is my favourite colour and you @writersnetwork made it incredible. Thank you ��. I myself loved this piece may be that is what you guys also felt.
    I have been reading some wonderful pieces here that have inspired me to write again and again. I am an advertising writer but writing like this got lost in handling client's briefs.

    Thank you all you amazing people for love and encouragement. @childauthor_345 @itsgammynotgrammy @fairytales_ @anvaya @poetrydelivery @abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz and many more thank you so much

    Over 100 likes, a repost by WN and from so many of you. Thank you

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    The moon is just like us,
    very human, very moody.