• way115 75w


    You were the only thing on my mind.
    Day in.
    Day out.
    We were young but so in love.
    We would stay up for hours on end.
    Telling stories of adventures.
    And all the good things between.
    Your smile glistened and I couldn't get enough.
    Your laugh always made me happy.
    Because I knew you were.
    Just like anybody.
    We had our ups and downs.
    Yet we still managed to pass by.
    We broke up and it was just never the same.
    We distanced.
    You moved father away.
    We took two different paths.
    Everytime you came back I had a light that sparked.
    To hear your voice and see you.
    Just to know you were alright.
    You always made sure you checked up on me.
    Just to make sure I was alright.
    And now.
    It's been 2 years since I have heard from you.
    Since I've seen the smile and heard the laugh that gave me all the joy in the world.
    Since I have gotten anything.
    The world truly hasn't been the same.
    And now I feel like I'm drifting along with the void of time.
    And will never find out, if you could still truly be mine.