• _elysian__ 59w

    hey my lovelies,
    yes you!!
    whoever is reading this
    let’s talk about our periods
    shhh!!! shhh!!! what are you saying?
    this is a public place, hold your tongue,
    Hush up!

    Have you been taught the same from the beginning?

    you have period cramps ?
    your uterus feels heavy?
    you have mood swings?
    you don’t feel like talking to anyone?
    what is the use of these questions?
    does any of these even make the slightest difference?
    Everything will be the same here,
    You have to fight all of this by yourself.

    I don’t say i cannot bear this pain,
    i do it every month, like every single month.
    if we are going through all this,
    enduring pain, controlling ourselves, trying our best to act normal.
    And you know what we have received in return till this date?
    we cannot even speak the word “P A D” in front of anyone.

    Dear ladies,
    applause on the mindset of our society
    the periods does not even exist in the eyes of our society
    Why do we live in seclusion in terms of periods
    while this is a universal thing, and no one can change it?
    Ignoring it is nothing less than insulting women.
    understand one thing,
    Nothing can be ignored at one point.

    If you can’t do anything, at least just don’t ignore,
    she is in your house, understand her,
    love her, respect her, give her some time,
    Maybe you like something beyond the thing of this society.

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