• ponygirl913 134w

    Various obstacles 
    Have set me back a few points
    I wasn’t prepared for this though 
    We multiply by microphone surprised at the statement uttered moments ago
    His time is valuable it does not take long to die
    Oh how true that statement was 
    Why hadn’t we listened 
    Assuming you own the adventure 
    Is a risky move to make
    Because weeks later and here we are now

    Earned and cemented by the blood that spread 
    When I look and listen 
    I can’t hold back the tears 
    They tried to fathom 
    To speak of the Infinite
    Strangely animated by the silent virtue of night 
    Dispatched in haste out of the sphere of silence 
    I still prefer to think of those words 
    Exposing a narrow escape for him 
    A man death took too soon 
    How are you still standing 
    Knowing the sole point of tomorrow 
    Was to see each other 
    How are you coherent 
    Knowing your Love was taken 
    Knowing a good man is gone 
    The touch of his skin would have seemed like a ghost
    Despite the formal words of the speaker 
    Prayers extended to the heavens 
    Cries strike with genuine pain
    You process enough knowing 
    The funeral is
    Just one point in a 
    Spiraling trail of missteps 
    And bleeding hearts