• crogers180 154w

    There's a tattoo on her soul
    That can never be removed.
    Try as she might, cover to
    Hide, scrub raw until blood
    Spilled out on her life.
    A child with a feisty spirit,
    Stubborn and sensitive~
    A passion to change the world,
    To be Somebody.
    A slap on the face, rejection
    And rage. Beating, in spite
    Of the pleadings to stop.
    Oh, she couldn't make it stop!
    And, what was worse,
    The yelling, or leaving to fend
    On her own? She didn't know.
    What she did wrong.
    There's a tattoo on her soul ~
    Permanent mixture of shame,
    Mistrust and fear to love.
    One must never fear to love.
    So, she loves. She does her
    Very best to love.