• elenorasays 45w

    How To Praise God

    Today, He said to me
    How do you exalt God when you pray
    And to me, the question came as a shock

    Then I realized, I haven’t really worshiped and exalted God the way
    He loves to be worshiped and praised
    In prayer,praise and worship

    And I remember as I write when he talks about the true worshipers, those who will worship him in spirit and in truth.

    Well, we are those, and calling God wonderful names and resounding his awesomeness

    Sure, makes him drop everything going on in heaven to listen to you.

    Don’t just go asking God Favours or crying to him when your life is in ruins

    Exalt him! Worship him! Praise him!
    Sing the lords song, the one they couldn’t sing in a strange land
    Because it was meant for the lord and the lord alone.

    God wants to feel as special to you as you are to him

    And when you are done winning his attention with your praises and exaltation in your knees with your words, when you get up

    Live up to it; he loves you regardless.