• _scas_ 53w

    when you left me
    i knew you took a part of my soul
    with you.
    maybe to remember me
    at the best of our times
    at the worst of our times
    but you did take a part
    i did not know which one though.
    i tried to search for it
    but i just could not find
    nothing seemed missing
    but yet something still did feel
    empty inside of me.
    a void in my heart
    a void in my soul
    that you had taken with you
    that was still trying to find
    and then i stopped feeling
    any love for people around me
    i just could not love
    and i did not have a muse
    my love was still yours to have
    and so when you took away a part
    it was the part of me that cared
    it was the part of me that loved.

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    PS, it's a random. So don't come at me xD

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