• shy_shayar 60w

    Things you will relate to if your best friend lives far away.

    1. When you do any stupidity, you have no one to clear the mess.

    2. Your "Hey, what's up" can be there "busy right now".

    3. Any new face in their posts will make you insecure.

    4. You hate when their other friends knows more details than you.

    5. You keep on using the same 3-4 pictures coz you don't have much picture together.

    6. You constantly send "this reminded me of you" messages to them.

    7. Your gallery is full of screenshots sent by them.

    8. You wish they were next to you whenever anything inconvenient happens.

    9. Your ugliest selfies goes straight to their dms.

    10. You remember an inside joke and call them and you both laugh together for hours.