• way115 42w


    You were everything that I once needed.
    Your grace was the best thing.
    In a land afar.
    Yet a land that was so close.
    I think about your laugh.
    And the smile you once held.
    The eyes that shined so bright in the day light sun.

    You were the best thing that ever graced my life.
    In a moment of wild despair.
    In a moment with no air.
    You gripped me and tore me up from the bottom.
    Knowing that I wasn't your problem.
    Like a brand new life.
    I couldn't believe it was my life.

    You were there when even the last train left.
    Never to be left in the dark.
    You still shined through the midnight sky.
    Like the brightest star that I could ever eye.
    You showed me around the universe.
    In a way that it was so verse.

    You came as an angel.
    And left as a ghost.
    Never to be seen again.
    I still scour the stars for your soul again.