• loudestwhisp3r 114w

    For you...

    Oh no you are not worthless
    You are a work of art crafted with finesse.

    Delve deep into your heart and soul.
    Down the memory lane take a stroll.
    The elated moments of the yesteryears
    Shouldn't be tarnished with transient fears.

    Don't write off your achievements as mere luck by chance
    Snap out of that eternal trance.
    Know your true worth
    And your unique niche on earth.

    You say you don't have your friend's pretty face.
    Nor her confidence, charm ,or grace.
    Remember the adage old,
    Not every pretty face that glitters is solid gold.

    No statue is too perfect.
    Some too low some too erect.
    What would it be if they are all of the same size?
    Would they still be a treat for the eyes?

    Challenge yourself every day
    Even when it doesn't go your way
    The black, black coal suffers under pressure
    To give rise to an eternal lustre.

    Cry out scream ,shout and express
    Your heart simply cries in duress.
    A bird with clipped wings
    Still has the guts and the dare to sing.

    The world may seem harsh to you
    But remember it belongs to you.
    No,No you aren't worthless
    You're truly a work of art crafted with finesse.