• _gloom_ 5w

    Her eyes look like,
    Unheard stories
    That the skies wrote
    On lunar-eclipses
    While the auroras rest on her sclera
    She paints a cosmos in her iris
    With lost stains of a crude sunset
    She wanders in a field of may-flowers
    Writing epistles to fallen petals
    She's an ardent florist
    Who makes mogras bloom in dead soil
    Her collarbones are shelter to catastrophes
    While she muses them on her fingertips
    She's a blend of elation and greys
    And on days
    My skylines are at stake
    She sends me hope in pixels
    I haven't traced her sacred skin
    In atoms and molecules
    But I've touched her soul
    The texture of whose
    Is like the petals of daisys
    And Wordsworth's poetries
    Her hair falls like advent of a night
    Like stream of waterfall
    That washes away my lassitude
    She's so much beauty
    That my quill shies away
    She's 17 fields of mayhem
    At a summer's edge
    She's eternity burning the brightest
    She's my home
    In hurricanes
    My soulmate,
    Till my last breath.

    @onemayhem for you ��

    P.S- kya yehi pyaar hai? Nhi woh toh aisehi sexy laga toh likh diya

    Mood thik kr apna

    #start #wod

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