• ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 42w

    Silence Confession

    I'm not too good with words
    But they say silent speaks
    And screams
    Even speaks louder than words
    And cut through the heart like swords

    If the words from my mouth aren't enough
    Listen to silence beat from my yearning heart

    Like loving couple
    I want to walk with you hand in hand
    As silence echoes through my eyes
    Whispering the words I couldn't utter from my mouth

    Look into my eyes
    When we go on a moonlight stroll
    As it divulged the secret of my heart
    To your attentive ears

    Under the bright moon
    And the twinkling stars
    The crickets will stop their evening song
    The bird and animals will listen
    Softly as silence speaks of my love to you