• _rantings_of_a_shy_soul_ 9w

    One Night

    "Give your all to me, I'll give my all to you". But for one night.

    For just one night let's pretend that you're madly in love with me, pretend that you're mine and only mine. And I'll seem to forget that you belong to someone else, I'll forget that I can never be truly yours.

    Let's drink till we loose the sense of time as well as ourselves. Let's give ourselves away to each other. Snuggle close to me and hold me in your arms while I rant about anything and everything under the moon. Stroke my hair, untangling my messy curls and lie to me, that this is forever. Pierce your gaze into mine, tugging at my heartstrings and make me believe that you're there to stay. Let me get lost in your eyes, in your tight embrace, our naked bodies mingled together shamelessly. Whisper in my ear all the things I want to hear from you, your voice sending goosebumps down my skin.

    Seal your lips with mine until I gasp for breath and yet yearn for some more. Head deep inside me, untamed, reaching as far as my soul, waiting to be touched, exploring my frame - all my curves and edges, grazing them with your bare hand until they become tired of the adventure. Let's laugh our hearts out till our eyes water, talking about lame stuff that we won't even remember the next day. Come, let's light a couple of cigarettes and watch the twinkling stars and the sad moon together from the window in complete silence, enshrouded in smoke from the puffs till our eyes give up. After that let's curl up against one another in a deep slumber with your warm breath on my neck and your chest pressed to my bare back!

    But remember, when you leave the next morning, don't leave any trace of you with me, take everything back with you. And if I happen to find myself wrapped in your aroma I'll make sure to shower long enough to drain every bit of you from my being, turning you into just a figment of my imagination. An unforgettable, mesmerizing imagination!