• blurryface__14 11w

    How do you know if its time to let go of something you were desperately trying to hold on to?
    It's so painful and damaging to realise that "something" is not worth it anymore.
    You deny,
    You lie,
    "You dread it,
    run from it"
    Doesn't matter.

    I tried to be the person you expected.
    I tried to give you everything I had.
    somehow It was never enough.
    Somehow you were never happy.
    And somehow,
    it was always me.
    I was exhausted.
    Yes I'm sorry but I was.
    Chasing after you,
    all those one sided efforts,
    all that begging,
    All that trauma and anxiety and what not.

    I was done.
    It wasn't easy.
    Losing you was so fucking painful.
    Giving up on something that I promised to fight for no matter what.
    But there's a limit.
    I still remember those sleepless nights.
    Couldn't even close my eyes without seeing your face,
    Blinking back tears every time I see your pictures,
    Deleting conversations and regretting instantly.
    Still remember each and every single fucking thing I went through.

    But I had to.
    I deserve better,
    Someone who was willing to fight for the sake of us.
    Someone who knows what "mutual efforts" mean.
    I deserve to be loved.

    End of our story was beginning of mine.


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