• finnisam 49w


    Moans of the dead and dying. Clutching
    Stifling their own death throes in hellish agony. A soldier stuffs a blood soaked cloth into his mouth to muffle misery. Touching
    The scars of battle earned and fought in the mind, in reality. Charms of repeated history.

    Tasting ash and sulphur on the tongue
    Mixed with the metallic reminder of life
    Wrapped in the barbed wire of strife,
    A joyless crimson dripping into soil.
    Tearing through the torments of base toil.
    Uniforms shredded in the grinder of war,
    Shrapnel embedded in the promise of more.

    More death. More torment. Another void.
    The joyless companions of a life destroyed.
    Emptied of the spark that granted redemption.
    Names carved in stone. Left unmentioned.