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    Dear Daughter

    Dear Daughter,

    As I write to you, I’m sorry for all the hardships I’ve given you lately. We both know that I won’t be with you for a very long time now, but don’t you cry. I’ll always be with you, and you know it. However, it hurts me to know that I’ll leave you so soon in your life. Neither will I get to intimidate the guy you’ll bring home, nor will I be able to see you as beautiful as an angel at your wedding, but that’s what life has brought us to. So, I’m writing this letter to you to say all the things that you should know, that I would have told you gradually, that I would have gotten angry about, that I wouldn’t have to say, if not for this pain in my heart.

    I trust you a lot. It fills my heart with pride to know what a fine young lady you’ve become. The way you took care of me and the house is commendable. And that’s the first thing. Be independent, my love. Society still frowns upon independent girls and women, unfortunately, but never let it get to you. Always do what you think is right. You will make mistakes, I’m sure, but again, that’s life. But I trust you will work on those mistakes, and turn out to be the best version of yourself. A version I can smile upon from up above.

    Now to the elephant in the room, boys. We both know how protective I’ve been of you, and I guess that’s every father, but you must know I was protective of you for the simple reason that most guys aren’t looking for a long time commitment in your age. And you, my dear, deserve all the love of the world. Don’t be with guys who bring you down, but rather the opposite. Guys do make mistakes, I did too. But your mom knew what mistakes could be forgiven, and what can’t be. You shouldn’t be with someone just because they look good, but bring a lot of drama in your life. Life already has a lot of complications, so you need a partner to hold you at the end of the day, and make you laugh. You should go to the guy who makes you feel at home. But before they know your worth, you should know it first. You’re worth the world, so never settle for less.

    Our world is a tough place to be for a girl. You will have to fight for the slightest of things. And so I want you to be strong. Strong enough to fight and fend for yourself, and other girls like you. I’m sorry that I won’t be a part of your fight or be able to save you from this world anymore, but I hope you find someone who is willing to fight the world with you soon. Don’t rush into things, be it friendships, career, or most of all, love. Sometimes, it’s all about the timing with a person. You might know a person for your entire life, but just one day you wake up and those feelings start harbouring in your heart as I did for your mom. Never shy away from telling someone how you feel. Life is short, so make the most of it. And love, everyone and everything. Fight, whoever tells you otherwise. Live, your life and through you, I will too.

    I’ll wait for you up here. Take care, princess. I love you.


    PS, I’m sorry for leaving so soon.