• deconstructor 20w

    01-24-19| Jesus who are you? But I thank you...

    #lost #ruined #deconstructor #foundinvain

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    Vain Cry

    So much for me to stay
    Its been so long since I've been existing
    But never once I believe I am living

    Forever I've been walking
    To this vast desert unknowing to who I was praying

    I no longer know how to accept this little changes
    New things to me that shouts I am not alone
    That I am needed by my own.

    My endless sadness transform to madness
    Only I can see myself in the darkness

    Why haven't I saw this coming earlier
    I lost myself I lost half of my life in idle
    Just stupid for me to think and stupid how I balanced this as it sounds

    Forever I've been waiting
    Only now you have come.