• muhtashim_utopia 159w

    The chapter titled, Marriage.

    I'm clueless as to how my fate will all unfold, with whom and how will I spend times with that person who is all unknown to me at this very point. I've seen my Sister being all brave and bold, concealing her tears and sometimes twinkles in her eyes she carries with and walks to a new adobe. Its a start to a strenuous journey for everyone who has been so closely attached with her. I can never ever entirely feel what she goes through in these poignant times. What I can only do with all of my resources, is to love someone and tirelessly care for my woman even if it means sacrificing self happiness and comfort. We should all learn to endure. Sacrifice for your woman as she have done it for you, sacrifice greatly as you are obliged to, and the let the beam of love shine bright.