• adamantquill 24w

    I tried leaving the
    shores of the murky valley
    and sail a voyage to the
    'isles of daylight'
    on a pirate ship I crafted
    as a child with those
    innocent laughter and smiles
    (those smiles decided on
    a suicide in that gloomy land)
    And I mourned the loss.

    I was shipwrecked
    by those sea monsters,
    I was thrashed and thrown
    back on the shores.

    So I write,
    I am writing,
    because they told me
    that writing heals some
    scathed wounds.

    I learnt the quintessence
    of the metaphors
    that brings a warm sun
    to the land of frore and
    snowflakes and snowman
    to the barren desert.
    Hoping to chase away
    this darkness with
    this quill-wand.
    I drape my wounded heart
    in some allegories of
    those wilted petals that fell
    in the river of elixir
    and personify the rainbow
    with a hope to see my smile again.

    The trees keep shedding
    the crestfallen leaves.
    So I am carving
    some of my poems on them.
    The leaves sail the wind so fine
    and they shall take them
    to the faraway lands where
    I failed to reach.
    I wrap some pieces
    of my soul in my poetries
    and write them over the
    fallen leaves. I hope.

    Someday either I'll escape
    my lachrymose muse
    with these leaf wrapped poetries
    or I'll just wither along the way.

    #sail #writersnetwork #pod

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    Sail the wind

    Carve poems on fallen leaves
    to sail the wind to faraway lands.