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    Raindrops on my palm
    and i whisper love in August
    through the birthday gift
    from heaven when
    my windowpanes chuckle
    with hide-and-seek between
    clouds and the sturgeon moon ;
    and not so far away from home,
    autumn perches on the
    bamboo trees and peels oranges
    while kissing my marmalade scarf
    given by my ex-lover.

    Bluejays chirp on my balcony
    and silent crows on telephone wires
    tired gold fishes from my aquarium
    some barking dogs from the butcher shop
    and cows swallow the filthy polythene
    while two cornbreads on my tiny plate
    with a glass of watermelon juice
    in a scorching summer morn ;

    An orphan struggles to find a home
    and a mother cat fights with a male cat
    to make her all kittens alive and healthy
    some helpless birds in a stormy night
    and many broken domiciles
    and i, sitting on the couch
    holding a bowl of popcorn
    watch movies on a friday night.

    Solitude in someone's lunch bowl
    and someone gnaws endurance for survival
    someone screams on a deserted lane
    and someone cooks silence for dinner
    and i, again ween to wear the anklet
    from my late grandmother
    which is stringed by the metaphors,
    syllables, allegories and parables.

    Summer comes to me with
    the fragrance of chamelis
    and raindrops giggle on my toes
    snowflakes tiptoe on my poetries
    while i cook love with the
    chirping of springing spring ;
    there are many on my demijohn
    uncountable and incalculable
    for which I'm grateful for.

    ©Bidya B.


    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ��️
    Much grateful @miraquill (✿ ♡‿♡)

    Thank you so much all the readers from the bottom of my heart ; I'm grateful for everything ��

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