• sohamwrites 54w

    Maa, when will we get home?

    The roads are long and the paths are hot,
    I have blisters on my feet.
    As I walked along with my Maa in front
    Determined, we shall not accept defeat.

    Maa, when will we get home?.....
    As days passed and we walked and walked
    at times without food and water,
    the sun o'er head, I on Maa's lap
    I felt at times she tottered.

    Maa, will we get home?.....
    I think you should take some rest,
    just sit under some shade,
    don't you worry Maa I have prayed to god
    he will surely send some aid.

    Maa, we will get home......
    As she sat down under the shade
    she closed her eyes and smiled
    and I kissed her cheek, nestled against,
    oblivious, there remain miles.

    Maa, I will get home......
    "Get up now Maa, open your eyes,
    We have to go home" I said
    She didn't move no matter how hard I shook
    And so, alone I walked ahead.