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    She kissed the forehead and held his face close to her heart, and said, well actually I guess she didn't utter a word and it all felt silent, as if the world had arrived at a standstill and time stopped, or maybe he finally stepped outside the human construct of time.

    It was a beautiful place, the days weren't any more divided between hours and the sky was always lit up with the stars, and she stood there alongside, waiting for him to grab her by the waist and swing into a dance under the milky way.

    He somehow read her mind, and did so. Danced with her on a song that no one else could hear. For even a speck of silence was exploding into multitude of harmonies and they kept dancing until they fell down, tired, upon the cold ground, but protected by each other's warm embrace.

    They laughed. And stared at each other. He took off the scarf, and kissed her neck. She smiled and dug her face into his chest and let out a silent prayer. Before raising her head and kissing his lips.

    He never had a more wonderful kiss, and after this moment he didn't want to kiss anyone else, ever.

    It was like arriving at a treasure he had been searching for years, and every night when he stared at various constellations, he wondered if those stars came together to show him the way to this treasure, to her.

    For him those were not stars in the sky, but the maps that guided him on his journey, until he arrived in her arms under the starlit sky. And he knew at that moment that universe conversed with him, not in sounds but signs.

    And the sky was littered with all those signs, waiting to be read.

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    Under the stars

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