• poet_art 90w

    Everybody lies
    Everyone is pretending
    Trust died centuries ago,
    Love died with Pandoras box
    When she opened it.

    Why should we still believe in love?
    Look around you so much pandemic
    Chaos, with viruses destroying everything.

    Love is dead and I am empty
    I do not care about it, because my experiences made me like this.

    Why should I believe into something
    That doesn't exist? About love?
    Hah it's another crime and lie on humanity begin.

    You might see me as an asshole
    I don't care I'm just realistic and not a dreamer. Dreams can die too when you wake up,the only thing that's beautiful
    On earth are little kids and animals.
    They are pure,real, cannot hurt or pretending,they give you solutions with just one word and animals cannot fake love ,when they are sorry about a mess they made animals says sorry with their own ways and never doing it again.

    People are an eternal mess you cannot trust or love anybody because expect, coronavirus people are poison full of irony and see how they gonna use you.