• sakshipriya 59w

    My Guardian Angel

    You hold my hand when I am weak,
    and vulnerable at times.
    When I am sad or unsure, you make me laugh.
    And even when I am happy and content,
    you are there for me.
    I realize how lucky I am to be sharing my life with someone as special as you.
    You are the music that I breathe, the lilt of my heartbeat.
    You give me warmth, so willing, so free.
    You are the swan song of my dreams-
    Precious, one of a kind. 
    You are the bloom that gleams and scents the lanes of my mind.
    You are my treasure, my world, my fame;
    You are my everything -
    My comfort, my weakness, my joy.
    And I thank God every day for sending someone like you,
    To care and comfort me in times of need,
    And to be my guardian angel.
    For this I thank you,
    And hope you will stay in my heart