• czarcasm 20w

    Only human

    Wind ruffled his hair in the midnight breeze
    And he took in a deep breath
    It was peaceful and he was at rest
    Standing there beneath the moon
    Today had been long
    The challenges close to breaking him
    But he had stood strong

    The crickets around him in perfect symphony
    Playing him a song in tune
    Told him he had done good
    As if someone was watching over him
    A frog before him interrupted the night
    And he had to look down at
    The solitary figure
    Alone tonight, just like him

    The stars above him glimmering so softly
    They were a beauty indeed
    He always came here when he needed to think
    Looking up at the sky eyes slowly
    Getting heavy
    Stars, galaxies, and planets remind him
    How small mankind was
    For it was the stars that reminded him
    That he was only human