• veloc1ty_ 110w

    What does a death feel like?
    It's the deafening silence left
    in the air after all the blabbering
    is gone. The void grips you tighter
    than your lover ever did. The kiss of
    death leaves a cold burn on your
    whimpering soul and it hurts more for
    the one who is spared alive because
    life isn't any great without your tango
    partner. Everything smells like gloom.

    I haven't gotten the chance to
    taste death yet but I've been
    chasing it from a long time.
    I failed every time I pictured
    your sad face in my mind,
    with your lips murmuring,
    " The guy dies in every book."
    I didn't wanted to make you
    live my death but I guess
    I'll have to live yours now.

    I'll name every star I'll ever see
    after your name if only I can find
    some courage to sit in the same
    balcony where we talked for hours.
    The pictures of those beautiful skies
    I shared with you won't excite me now
    as you won't be jealous of the view
    anymore, you belong to it now.

    There won't be any beautiful nights
    only difficulty to sleep. The pain of
    watching you slip away slowly will
    keep me awake. I would've painted
    you a beautiful sudden death if only
    you were mine to kill.

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    One day we're all going to die.
    One day we're all going to be a part of this enormous blue sky.