• alishakausheen 146w

    Part 1

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    You were there

    You were there when I was having no-one,
    You were there behind me like a pillar,
    a pillar of strength, motivation and constant creepy jokes,
    The jokes that never made me laugh but still I used to smile just to see those claps.
    You made me come out of that dark
    even without knowing my past.
    You made me realize who I am
    when I forgot my ownself.
    You made me see the world again through your eyes
    when it seemed blurred from mine.
    By sharing your feelings,
    You made me realize I am also trust worthy.
    You just made me who I am.

    When people started leaving me,
    I felt like its the end,
    End of friendship,
    End of love,
    End of that constant smile,
    End of happiness,
    But not the end of the world,
    because whenever I felt like its the end you were there to prove me wrong.