• jeelpatel 20w

    A growing war

    Feminine first cry kills an enthusiasm
    For they made love to raise mustache
    Warm sunflowers perish in fresh blink
    Pathetic they regret on warm wonder
    Flush'd to crack'd face she lives hatr'd

    Left breast hides symphony of beats
    Spring and autumn born out of which
    Disgust to black hues discards purity
    Alas ! beauty of sheath make us blind
    Trauma we gift to the heart of hearts

    Owner of red fell from nuptial bridge
    O' white ! cage her as eternal prisoner
    Walking grief holds masculine ashes
    Crows noise on her cursed clavicles
    Not roses but thorns adorn soft hairs

    Helplessness works in houses or bars
    Toned curves ain't to mock or stare at
    Dirty mouths still ooze shamed saliva
    Wild beasts run to tame fearless fires
    Unsafe society ceases graceful growth

    World rotates around that fruitful navel
    Havoc cherishes battled womanhood
    Disaster and holy prayers they do sing
    Nothing can stop those feet of fighters
    For they're women ruler of own destiny