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    There is an old brown table in my hostel room.The fading color of it tells me it has seen many seasons and passed on to many persons.

    If you look closely there are smudges of yellow and green, maybe once upon a time an artist had painted beautiful canvases on it.

    The blotches of ink tells me perhaps a writer sat there and weaved beautiful stories.

    If you open the top drawer,you will find a sticky note within with words ''You are enough". I found it when I got the table first, I let it be there. It's a good reminder.

    On the lower right corner ,there is these 7 words written, "Can't stop staring at those ocean eyes" , a Billie Eilish fan maybe?

    Or maybe just maybe all these memories were left behind by one single person.

    When the words failed her ,she painted her feelings with colors on a paper, she was a painter that day.

    She was a writer on the day when the noise inside her head became too loud so she wrote it all down.

    Maybe somedays she felt she was not good enough,the sticky note came in handy then.

    And on some days she might have put up some fairy lights and listened to that song under the warm glow.

    Somedays I wonder what stories this table might tell the next person about me?

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    That old brown table