• anshikainks 18w

    S P R I N G

    Isn't spring supposed to be
    All freesias and no weeds?
    But for me, it's just dead
    Tulips tapered on my naked
    Shoulders or drowning lotuses
    Gasping for air, where the
    Basking sunflowers burn in
    Repugnance and cedar tops
    Nestle my seclusion;

    Barren deserts breed
    Pale roses, crescent voids
    House cactuses, fragile
    Bouquets rot on my doormat
    And embers embellish my
    Garden's heart;

    My hands save some colors
    For the sunset, probably
    Pitch black paint brushes
    To draw my mind's muses on
    The canvas of withered leaves
    And fallen flowers, where I
    Dance to the halcyon time
    When wilted petals started
    To bloom with the slightest
    Touch of my rhymes /

    -A N S H I K A����

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