• crushed_beetle 57w

    If mother google could answer right for who's the happiest person, you'd find me sitting in the results, making the first spot. I've never been this content before, this one instant everything looks so calm. My eyes stand heavy, they want to shut but I'm resisting the urge to have my lids laid yet. Time is slipping off fast and sleeping off isn't really the right activity to do right now, I want to enjoy things while I still can. I'm loving this heat from my breaths, I like it every time I feel it,  it feels good when it lurks in desperation to get settled in the pores of my cold skin. It draws different patterns, sometimes a cloud, other times it just paints me rough in lacy patterns.

    The junction of my nose and lips feels warm because it's closest to my breaths and It's wet because I have a runny nose.

    Okay, don't act all grossed out now, it's cold here and we all know goop isn't always bad.

    I might be gone tomorrow, or day after that, or someday soon if not today or tomorrow and I don't want my tears to glow more than my smile, smile needs no language or a voice to have our inner songs out. Though there's no song I carry inside me, I've always rejoiced in the tune his heart played to me, slow and soothing. Peace being the technique queen of his beats, it always got me flown to heaven, better than the one god flies us to. I'm grateful to him and to all those people who bailed on their normal lives just to make mine a lil better.

    I'm a jar all fissured now and it's just a matter of time before I crack open and I really do hope and pray my fragments don't jerk up and hurt anyone when I snap.

    It saddens me a little, the fact how things would be different suddenly, IDK if it'd be in a good way or a bad one, like what would the 11:11 wishes be for someone who always prayed for my life or how the days without making any calls for my updates would be? I'd get to watch how it would all be from my own enormous and allotted space maybe? Who knows.