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    I asked her out for a date.
    The spot was a cafe near India gate.
    She arrived early
    I arrived late.
    In anger she ordered food and ate.
    She left the table all messy with a note
    "I hate people who don't value time.
    To me it's as serious as a crime.
    Take heed of my note
    Don't contact me or I will skin
    you like a goat."
    As if this was not enough.
    Rs. 3000 I had to cough.
    Cos she ate and got packed
    some more food stuff.
    I was sad
    Just stared at the phone
    But then I saw a girl sitting all alone.
    She seemed sad too and
    was sitting with a tilted head.
    I thought why not talk to her instead.
    I went close to her and said hi
    She looked up at me with a heavy sigh.
    "You men all are the same. What a shame."
    She was furious.
    But I got curious.
    Stubborn you know
    I go against the flow.
    I sat on the chair...
    "Look that's not fair.
    I know you had issues with some guy.
    But why blame others, why??
    See I am a decent fellow. I saw you sad,
    so came up to say hello.
    It's not guys, maybe the castles you
    built up in the skies.
    In a relationship you have to act mature.
    Right guy you are choosing, just make it sure."
    She responded...
    "Easier said then done.
    Guys take relationships like fun.
    No good guy I have found,
    not even one."
    "Lady I can understand.
    Give me your hand.
    I want to see your lines.
    Let's see which one shines."
    Reluctantly she shows me her hand.
    "Wow the next guy you meet
    will be your husband.
    I guess that next is now.
    Consider me somehow."
    She smiled and said
    "You are a gone case.
    But you are cute and I
    love the dimples on your face.
    I am hungry, buy me some food.
    Who knows that will change my mood."
    It was in a way like a dinner date.
    After few months we were eating
    in the same plate.

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    A missed dinner date
    to another dinner date.
    It's all in a fate.
    Remember mate
    Love can't be served on a plate.
    It takes time and luck like that of mine
    If you are lucky enough
    then things will be fine.