• lamaani 41w

    Among the ugly chaos that world gave me,
    you became my beautiful clatter.
    When all my scars danced to silent night,
    you swayed me with anklet bells to the moonlight,
    when my heart drenched in expectations,
    looking like sea sparkle, i rose in fury and agony,
    only to again muck up your sand castle,stymie,
    people absconded aghast, i rose again,
    this time to hold them, but sands slipped away,angst.
    The stars shined the tears, i melted into ice,
    And again, i felt your touch,
    on my cold expanse of crippled land of rice.
    Where everyone known felt remote,
    you felt known in a delphic untold note.
    When my heart churned repugnance
    I felt you cradling me.
    When my intemperance to world became disgraceful,
    You laughed with a caressing hand,mirthful.