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    I am made of memories.
    Muscle fibres project abstract dreams
    and Mothers of the Luna sing lullabies
    until the darkness shatters into softness
    and I can call this all a yarn.

    A ballerina dances on the tip of my tongue-
    gnashers gritted, dress aflame.
    I swallow the phantasm of grace
    without gagging on its aftertaste.
    I learn to savour cinders in the hopes that one day
    I could, like strength, hide in miridical places.

    Every diaphragm hosts a city of ghosts,
    translucent anatomy falls further to shadow
    as paling hope slips from frozen lips uninhibited.
    What becomes of a glass-formed girl
    momentarily imbued with the breath of dragons?
    Are we all destined to learn how
    flames can forge anything but kismet?

    Hellfire lives in freed sun-warmed heartbeats.
    I know Summer-born infants knew the feeling of burning
    long before Prometheus united creation and devastation
    by placing both in the hands of humanity.
    I know Fire-forged daughters never hid from the sun
    but they never seem to fall at its hands.

    I am made of the memories
    of how to become a myth.
    Yet, when floating smoke-formed promises fade
    I do not learn how it feels to be reborn.
    I remain something less than a hero.