• solivagant_soul 12w

    Symbols used:
    • Red Rose
    • Balloons

    #symbol #wod #start
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    V O I D

    When time loses its momentum
    on one of these thousand
    never-ending tenebrous nights,
    And when summers aren't yellow
    with sunshine anymore,
    Sunflowers fall off my eyes
    And a gentle stroke of my fingers
    over the balloons fulminate the
    vibrant spheres repleted with
    sepia nostalgia.

    Somedays my head hurts like hell
    And I chug down an aspirin.
    On other days, glancing through
    the window, some random guy
    dressed in a purple formal shirt
    reminds me of you and all i can
    do is stare at the ceiling,
    reminiscing the paper mache past
    And a field of broken splinters of
    my heart, where I could see your
    sorrow draped in ebony

    I cross out dates in the calendar
    hoping they disappear,
    And on few salubrious mornings,
    I slip into your cozy pink sweater
    that I purloined from your closed long ago,
    and with each step your fragrance
    flourishes permeating Apricity in the paralyzed air
    but I don't feel pretty, rather my bones
    crack under hoarfrost leaves.
    Some viridian monsoons dressed
    in gusty winds stir up the past
    blowing over the dried petals of
    red roses pressed betwixt an
    abandoned page of my diary

    But, I still hear your voice in the traffic,
    we are laughing over all the noise
    And i hate my stagnant phone
    cause it reminds me that I am alone
    You made the colours come alive
    when my rainbows were painted
    in monochrome for ages.
    And when I visited your gravestone
    one last time, I pondered
    If my bones are still the same shade
    of white.