• nutcracker3 15w

    ...combined with a tired body. That. That is the definition of hard work for me. Definitely the life that I dream of..

    Not luxury. Not Fashion. No such BS.

    Just pure brute strength and clear intellect, hand in hand, living with Mee in a beautiful home surrounded by nature, birds and ofcourse cats!!
    And occasionally I would go to town festivals and enjoy the sunset with a crowd too ignorant to realize it's beauty. To be alone I would excuse myself in the name of ice cream, or to tie my laces and lose myself in the crowd and then sneak away to a quiet invisible corner and watch the darn sunset in all its hues of orange and mourning red. And every four days I would commit myself to the community by aiding and abetting the miserable, the one's who've lost hope in life... and rescue little baby girls and orphaned kittens and nurture them until they are big and strong. I would teach the girls to take care of themselves and find jobs to live their lives and the kittens would grow up into little daredevils who would sneak away from home every now and then and bring me a fish from where the river and the waterfall meet, close-by. I will not marry by chance but by choice and we would fight, me and my husband, like little children and then cry in each others arms and hug each other to sleep only to wake up to see each other's faces and remember the fight all over again but then ...the sun creeping through the dainty white curtains would tempt us to forgive each other so that we'd have company to enjoy the rest of the day (with)...

    This is how I day-dream, productively...

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    What's a head for?

    Everyday I make my bed hoping to get some quality sleep when I approach my bed it should be like... no other thought should run up to my head first other than sleep. Precious sleep. Ah. That combined with ...
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