• jay_kaytee 53w

    I was taking a nap,within in seconds after my eyes got shut i heard a noise outside.the first noise was as if a carpet had been thrown from high place.The second noise was of people screaming. I first ignored this sound. but the sound of people couldn't stop me from going.
    I went to the balcony and my eyeys couldn't believe what i saw. IT was blood just under my balcony people lifting up a men who was covered in blood i just saw the scene for 3 4 seconds and ran towards the my room. Went through the door to tell my mother. My mother had already seen this from the living room window. She was scared and strated crying.neighbour's were coming to our house in mere minutes after the incident to see what happened. The men fell from our building's roof.
    As people started coming in information also came along.some say he was pushed.some say he killed himself and many more speculations.All i thought is about that 3 seconds of what i saw.i didn't here a word for the next cople of hour. I was traumatised feeling sad despite i didn't know him i was feeling restless. Thinking chould i have saved him what will happen to his family i was trying to recall the two or 3 times i saw him.no conversation nothing. I didn't even greet him.he used to work for a family in my building as a butler he was watering the plants and sliped down from the roof and died on spot. Now after 6 hours past the incident i feel better everying is normal no sound or crowd it like nothing happened everybody moved on to the life.All i can think of is that 3 seconds,how is his family gonna sleep tonight and how short life is.