• anushkatwinkle 50w

    Oh my little heart !❤️

    Oh my little "mad heart"
    How many times u will be hurt?
    How innocent are you?
    From real world..
    How far are you??

    When you will start telling lie?
    So that ,in dramatic
    world , you could fly.
    How far you will be disgrace?
    How much rejection u will face?

    Ooo my "folish" heart
    Are you hearing????
    Oh my innocent heart
    Are you fearing??

    Don't worry, this expert
    World will tutor u..
    Don't be rambled..
    They will solve u...

    You are unaware about the world..
    O my Little heart..
    You are flaccid
    So that's why , in front of
    "grown up" world...
    You are little kid...